Richard Hanrahan is a stand-up comedian of some repute. Based in Edinburgh, this alternative comedy act emerged from wordy beginnings, with some material about dads and dogs, had has emerged from a cocoon of study to become a butterfly of post-modern, self-aware nonsense far too interested in the fringe of what funny means to actually bother writing jokes. But hey, if you like your noggin felated by a nearly Scottish comedian, maybe he's your guy.

He's been at the Edinburgh Fringe on and off since 2004, including stints with the critically acclaimed double-act Hitch and Mitch (2011 & 2010 **** The Skinny), the equally well received sketch group with his schoolhood friends Marigold (2007 & 2006 ****Threeweeks) and eventually as a stand-up on his own, including a debut show in 2018 provocatively titled Richard Hanrahan Is Doing This (***** TheFountain, **** The Skinny). Look at these things in more details on the projects page.

Stand-up credits including being nominated for the Leicester Mercury Comedian Of The Year in 2011, reaching the BBC New Comedy Award Final 20 in 2010 as a runner-up in the Glasgow Heat, and placing in the top three of the Chortle Student Comedian of the Year also in 2010 . He happened to win the very prestigious Edinburgh University Stand Up Champion Award in 2009 which to many is utterly meaningless, but means he can claim to be an "award-winning" comic, so there's that. He was also nominated for a Student Radio Award for Best Speech Program as producer of Fresh Air's Great Comedy Showcase.

Sketch credits focus on his recent video work with his life comedy partner as Me3 Comedy. You can find them on Facebook, YouTube or else explore their work on this page.

Outside of comedy, he is also a Graphic Designer who operates under ChumChi Designs, tries his hand at board game design and more professionally known as a Videographer/Interviewer/Content Producer.

Naturally, if you are looking for his skills as a writer or for voiceover work, you can make enquiries over on his facebook page.

More Information On Various Projects

Richard Hanrahan Is Doing This (2018) - Multi-media Stand-Up debut at the Edinburgh Festival

I Did This (2013) - Unpublished Documentary

The Alternative Wordbook (2013) - Kickstarted Devil's Dictionary