A Succint Chronology of Non-sense

A list of all my projects in one place, to help dispel the lies.

Stand-Up Comedy. 60 Mins. Edinburgh Festival, August. Just The Tonic.

***** The Fountain | **** The Skinny | *** Fest | *** Chortle

Finally a fringe debut. I don't really know how to describe this even after writing so many, many blurbs. Basically it was as 'multi-media-performance-arty' as stand-up can get, and as 'stand-upy' as performance art could never hope to be, possibly. I went onstage, inexplicably dressed in goat's legs and my real-life Under-11 Hertfordshire Chess Jumper, and with a three camera set-up I recorded my interactions with audiences trying to work out... [more info]

Video sketch group with my now wife and always dog. YouTube.

It Takes Two

What Do Women Do In There?



I Did This (2013)

Documentary Film, Unpublished.

As part of my PhD I produced a documentary documenting me trying to change the world by trying to do stand-up comedy. **Spoiler Alert** I didn't change the world - or did I? Or was that the point? Or was it?

Includes a PhD thesis if you ever fancied a read.

The AlTernative Wordbook (2013)

Self-Published Humour Book, Kickstarter Project

As part of my attempt to grapple with my social media addiction - well ahead of the pack - I tried to utilise my non-productive time into a project, which bore this: a self-published, successfully kickstarted a book in the Devil's Dictionary genre called The Alternative Wordbook, a collection of words that hadn't been created yet.

If you haven't already, give it a read. Or a listen. I think Alex Horne has read it, and potentially quite liked it, but I can't be 90% sure.

Download E-book | PDF | Kindle | Audiobook

Hitch and Mitch (2011-2012)

Irreverent Double-Act

For a brief while I was a member of a comedy collective called We Happy Few, a name which took literal weeks of meetings to confirm, but which saw some nicely talented Edinburgh-based boys and girls collaborate. During this time I claimed to be in concurrent double-acts with each of the 7 (?) other members, including the ill fated Blizzards of Jizzum. However, due to the fact that everyone else in the group had concrete plans for their Augusts in 2011,

Genisis (2011)

"Slight, amateurish and anticlimactic... a dose of Vic and Bob-style slapstick buffoonery" **** The Skinny

"The only production in the world that is funny before it has even started" Threeweeks

The Stinky Show (2012)

"Sublimely surreal brilliance... destined either for stratospheric success or abject failure, but nothing in between" ThreeWeeks

Noteworthy Gigs

Chortle Student Comedian of the year

3rd placed finalist in another storming year for student comedy (2011). Final took place alongside Richard Gadd, Glenn Moore, Rob Carter, Adam Hess and Matt Winning (as Steph E. Graph)

BBC New Comedy

In 2011 I was the runner up of the Glasgow heat of the recently rebooted award, and then wasn't voted on by the public or something.

You can hear or maybe even watch an excerpt here (if the flash player still works).

Leicester Mercury Comedian Of The Year

Nominated by the industry for this prestigious award (2012). That night I performed alongside some incredible talent including Liam Williams, Darren Connell and winner Matt Rees