A Collection Of Words Said About Me, Words Written By Me And Shards Of Paparazzo

Press Quotes


"The working man’s club superstar we’ve been waiting for" // "Pants-wettingly, chair-fallingly funny" // "Large parts of the show are a blur because you’re being hit with so much material, all of it hilarious" // "a character so incredibly silly, funny and loose that it comes close to Partridge levels of comedic genius" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Wee Review

"Possibly the most hard working comedian at this years Fringe... the show has already snowballed into something special and must be seen to be appreciated... ultimately [this] is definitely one to see this year – and again and again if possible" ⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Skinny 2018

"I’ve been reviewing Fringe comedy shows for five years now and this is the bravest one I’ve ever seen. Also, it’s the only one that’s made me cry with laughter... takes stand-up comedy to a whole new level." "Hanrahan is that rare thing: a comedian who makes it look effortless... this was my favourite comedy show in the fringe this year" "genre-bending stuff" "the show is a joy: he is a very funny man" "Properly hilarious multi-media mayhem. Don’t miss it." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Fountain, 2018

"Richard Hanrahan is assembling a vast, ever-shifting edifice of comedy – a Tower of Babel which may yet collapse into a terrifying incomprehensibility. A funny one, though... [there's] Something Lee & Herring-esque in his surreal energy, quick-wit, love of diagrams and general comedy-as-deconstruction-of-comedy style... the constant metamorphosis of the act is a masterstroke" The Prickle, 2018

"He is, fortunately, an already pretty funny guy; a little scatty, maybe, but with a gift for audience interaction... unique and inspired" "Puzzlingly hilarious, a seemingly endless fractal fever dream..." "See this show – then see it again" Fest, 2018

"looked hilarious, if painful... Enthusiastically eccentric" "Peak Fringe." Chortle, 2018

"Delightful... a stand-out routine... a sharp way with the language and an engaging delivery " Chortle, 2011

'The best act of the evening...Richard Hanrahan's wordy material was witty, genuinely funny and slicker than a greased weasel. On a good bill Hanrahan stood out as being the only performer who... you could believe had the capacity to make a living in this fickle business' Edinburgh Evening News

‘the evening’s first highlight… Hanrahan’s assured deliver served to steady the ship on the rare occasion where his bright material threatened to dive into the proverbial rabbit hole.’ Edinburgh Evening News

‘undiscovered talent at its best’

'a wordsmith with real panache... [and] a polished performance'

'a proper adult who looks like a bearded hamster' Broadway Baby


"a charmingly left-field hit... a dose of Vic and Bob-style slapstick buffoonery" ⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Skinny 2011

‘a decent range of comic ideas, and the versatility to pull them off… genuinely laugh-out-loud funny’ Scotsgay

"Very good indeed... could hold his own against many of the big comedy names" ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ThreeWeeks, 2011

"not a face in here without a grin. Their mannerisms and delivery are very reminiscent of Fist of Fun-era Lee and Herring... maybe it’s their infectious enthusiasm, or the obvious rapport they have which makes this work. Whatever it is, against all odds (and they do try to stack these up), it’s terrific. Terrible, but terrific... just very, very good fun. " The Skinny, 2012

Slick… Original, Intelligent Humour’ Threeweeks

‘high energy enthusiasm’ The List

'sublimely surreal brilliance... destined either for stratospheric success or abject failure, but nothing in between' ThreeWeeks, 2012

'made the audience laugh, perhaps against their will... everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves' Broadway Baby (I love this unfavourable review)


"a character so incredibly silly, funny and loose that it comes close to Partridge levels of comedic genius" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Wee Review (link)

"first rate character comedy - Hanrahan stealing the show as repellent working man's comic Jimmy Wobbler [sic.]" ⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Skinny, 2011

Features, Articles and That


Feature, The Skinny, March 2019

The "In Case You Missed It" series asks comedians to watch and report back on a series, show or special that they've not seen before. I decided to write about Hi-De-Hi as it sort of fit into research about the character I was working on at the time, Jimmy Whobbers. Have a read!

The Best Shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Feature, The Skinny, August 2018

That Was The Year That Was

Feature, The Skinny, December 2012

As part of my Politigiggle extravaganza, we were asked to sum up the previous 12 months in a December edition for The Skinny. This was a collaboratively written article spearheaded by me but with additional content by those who were part of the group. You can read it here. Wonderful illustration by Joe Todd Stanton.

Round up of 2011's Skinny Comedy Fringe Coverage

Feature, The Skinny, July 2011

Then comedy editor did a round up of stuff coming up at the Fringe and very kindly mentioned me as "Mr. July" because I was doing my debut show with Adam Mitchell as Hitch and Mitch. Image by Sally Jubb. Together they just look like I'm yawning.

Open Spot Of The Month

Feature, The Skinny, July 2011

The Skinny very kindly profiled me as I was starting out and getting a bit of buzz. I answered some questions that were surprising to me now looking back after nearly 10 years... take a read to see what I mean here. Image by Sally Jubb.