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Who is Richard Hanrahan?

Richard Hanrahan is an alternative Scottish Comedian who you would probably like if you sat down and had a conversation with him. But, unfortunately, that's not how the industry works, so you are most likely to have found him performing at the Edinburgh Festival, having appeared on and off the Fringe for the last 10 years under various guises and projects. In 2018, he finally performed his debut stand-up hour Richard Hanrahan Is Doing This, taking his delightfully off-beat pseudo-intellectual style to its logical conclusion, with a show that claimed to reassemble past audience interactions, by filtering suggestions through obscenity and obtusity into a madcap, multimedia debut - helpfully condensed as an hilarious recursive nightmare trapped inside a heartwarming recursive nightmare. This endeavour earned him critical acclaim and a small financial headache. In 2019 he took working-man's club comedian Jimmy Whobblers to the Edinburgh Festival in the inevitably titled: "An Audience With That Never Was, But Is, "An Audience With... Jimmy Whobblers" with Jimmy Whobblers" which garnered a single, 5-star review from the Wee Review. Some of my comedy heroes watched me do this shit, so that was incredible. In 2020 he's taking a break to have a child.

Previous projects have included the production of I Did This, a documentary about the possibility of changing the world through stand-up (or was it?); being one half of husband and wife video sketch outfit and podcasting behemoths Me3 Comedy; an attempt at establishing a Scottish political comedy collective in the form of Politigiggle; involvement with We Happy Few, a group of Edinburgh based pals intent on changing the comedy landscape, which included a short lived stint as one half of the comedian's favourite double act Hitch and Mitch; and in many years gone by, found member of the comedy sketch group Marigold. is extremely politically aware and definitely not just a posh comedian with his head up his arse and without any actual meaningful experiences to draw upon.

But if you like your noggin titillated by a nearly Scottish comedian, maybe he's your guy. Go get the full story.


You'll likely find Richard Hanrahan being a stand-up comedian at alternative comedy nights in Edinburgh, or performing at the Edinburgh and Glasgow Comedy Festivals. Check out his upcoming gigs here.

Richard Hanrahan

"Posh" Scottisn Comedian and post-modern clown.

Jimmy Whobblers

Showbiz stalwart and ”Wheezing Dragon Best Newcomer” (1980, 1982) (Character)

Yes, I know this is a deliberately terrible stock image.


2009 - Edinburgh University Stand-Up Champion

2010 - SRA Student Radio Awards Best Scripted Nominee

2010 - Chortle Student Comedian of the Year (Finalist)

2011 - BBC New Comedy Award (Final 20)

2011 - Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year (Nominee)


A lil' political thing I built with collaboratron and all-round posh-but-hates-himself political weapon Alex Kealy

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A lil' Bakery TV Show based slander-fest full of pastry, accusations and pallery as part of Me3 Comedy.

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It Disney Matter

A lil' Disney based fun factory where my we watch films from Disney's past and riff on them.

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My comedy partner, now wife, and I set up a little sketch duo called Me3 Comedy. For a while (about 6 weeks) we filmed semi-regular video sketches and tried them out on people, mostly friends and family. They were quite good.

We'll be having a crack at a full Me3 Sketch Show soon.